How to configure Eclipse + XDebug + Firefox

This “howto&#8.

This “howto” is based on the following model:
-Ubuntu v 10.04
-Eclipse v 3.5.2
-Local LAMP server

-LAMP already installed
-Eclipse already installed

Server configuration:
-Open a terminal
-run: sudo apt-get install php5-xdebug
-run: sudo nano /etc/php5/conf.d/xdebug.ini
-Don’t delete the content of this file, just go to the end of the file add 2 blank lines and paste the next configuration:


-save changes
-run: sudo service apache2 restart

Eclipse configuration:
-Open eclipse
-On the eclipse main menu go to: Help–> Install New Software…
-open the dropDownList “work with”
-select “–All Available Sites–”
-On the filter text field put: php
-Check out: “Programming Languages”
-Check out: “Web, XML, and Java EE Development”
-Follow the wizard instruction until finish
-On the eclipse main menu go to: Window–> Preferences
-Navigate on the tree menu to: PHP–> Debug
-open the dropDownList “work with”
-On “PHP Debugger” select “XDebug”
-Leave alone “Server” and “PHP Executables”
-Save changes and close the window
-On the eclipse main menu go to: Run–> Debug configurations…
-Do a double click over “PHP Web Page” just to add a new setting
-On the DropDowList “Server Debugger” select “XDebug”
-On the file section browse and select the “index.php” of your project or whatever file you need to start your application
-Uncheck “Break at Fist Line”
-Apply changes and close the window
-On the eclipse main menu go to: Window–> Web Browser–> Default System Web Browser

Testing xdebug
-Open a project with source code that already is hosted in your LAMP server
-Place a “break point” at some point of you script
-Press “F11” to start the debugger
-Your code should stop at the break point
-Now move the mouse over variables so watch its values

That is all i hope you enjoy this HowTo